Those who support ACTA are controlled by Ktulhu.

Yesterday one of anti-ACTA activists, Mr. Skirmantas Tumelis, published phone numbers of Lithuanian ministers (in Lithuanian). At least half of them are accessible now to everyone on teh internets. You can send them SMS or call directly now. So, SMS storm action already started in Lithuania. Tomorrow will be meeting of the Lithuanian government, specially arranged for ACTA question. They will make a decision what to do after all those protests.

And we in Lithuania are asking YOU to join us, and help us against ACTA. Let them know that not only citizens of Lithuania are looking at them. Let them know that people from round the World are asking them to stop ACTA. Call Lithuanian ministers or send them SMS asking to stop ACTA right now – at 15th February 2012.

You can send an SMS to them or call any of them directly, here is a list of phone numbers:

  • Audronius Ažubalis, Minister of Foreign affairs, who’s fault is Lithuanian signing to ACTA:  +37069842114
  • Donatas Jankauskas, Minister of Social care: +37069842172
  • Rasa Juknevičienė, Minister of Defence: +37069842675
  • Rimantas Žylius, Minister of  Economy: +37069842419
  • Eligijus Masiulis, Minister of Transportation: +37069842122
  • Kazys Starkevičius, Minister of Agriculture +37069842182
  • Gintaras Steponavičius, Minister of Education +37069843727
  • Raimondas Šukys, Minister of Health care +37069842278

In case of you being in trouble about what to send, here is text:

Stop ACTA, support Lithuania, we are looking at you from around the World!

Signing ACTA made the biggest protests in Lithuania for years. We are against ACTA and we ask you to help us.