Hello, friends. I am Rokishkis Rabinovich, hamster from Lithuania. That isn’t interesting for anybody.

Actually, I write in Lithuanian, but sometimes things go crazy, so I had to start my blog in English now. This decision become clear after I wrote some article about ACTA: my crazy fans pushed me to international waters. They said that I should write in English too. But I don’t know English well, so I tried to resist. And after that they translated two my articles to English, so you see the result now: it is my English blog.

Sorry for my bad English. I know that, but it is not my native language: I started to learn it only when was ~25 years old. So, I apologize. When you find something written well, you should know that it is translation made by my crazy fans.

Yes, I am quite popular in Lithuania. For example, one adviser of Lithuanian Prime Minister once said that I am the biggest cad in Lithuanian internets. I think, he like me.