Usually, buffers are understood as simply something very simple – some stock of work, which can be sorted in some way. Buffers are buffers, aren’t they? But if you look at the more closely, you will find some interesting mechanisms, which can affect performance, especially in service management. In some cases, you can exploit internal structure of buffer and improve your performance. In some other cases, bad internal mechanisms of buffer can ruin the process.

Car with bomb

You can do lots of interesting things, when you manage items in your stacks

You can say, that buffer actually is specific machine, and it has some logic inside. That logic can be primitive in some cases, but quite sophisticated in other. It is quite interesting to apply some basic principles of system programming in this, because very often mechanics is the same and mathematically those are well analyzed. You can find lots of interesting ideas in operating system design, because computer process management shows lots of logical similarities to organization management.

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